2018, The New war commith….

Published March 13, 2018 by battle4urhome

In Short, Come July 1st, 2018… I Fully Expect the Global Elite to Implement a MAJOR Change to the Plumbing of Our Financial System

It’s a brand-new worldwide banking system called Distributed Ledger Technology.

And it will have a huge impact on seniors who are now preparing for retirement…

It will impact your IRA or 401(k)…

Checking and savings account…

And any cash you have parked in the US financial system.

Unfortunately, Trump CANNOT stop this.

There will be nothing the White House can do.

They have no direct control over the institutions that will carry this out.

Nobody can stop this.

It’s already too late.

The global elites’ plan is in motion… and my research indicates this new system will be rolled out as early as July 1st.

Once it goes live, here’s what I expect to happen…

***Under the guidance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), global elites will use that new financial system to replace the US dollar with their own globalist currency.

This new currency will be off limits to everyday folks.

But I found a “loophole” that allows you to take a direct stake on this new globalist currency.

And come July 1st, this currency could explode higher… making you a small fortune.

I’ll show you this incredible opportunity in just a moment.

But that’s not all.

***With the globalist currency replacing the dollar, demand for Treasury bonds will dry up… cutting the US government’s main source of funding.

We’ll see major disruptions in welfare programs, such as Social Security and Medicare.

Those who depend exclusively on Social Security will be out of luck… and will watch their checks get cut in half… or worse.

But you won’t have to worry…

Because in just a few minutes I’m going to show you a unique opportunity that could pay YOU $1,000 or more every month…

Regardless of what happens to Social Security.

And no, this has nothing to do with dividend stocks, bonds, REITs, selling puts or any other income strategy you might have heard before.

***This event coming on as soon as July 1st could also set up a huge opportunity in the stock market.

With the new globalist currency replacing the US dollar as the world reserve currency…

And the government struggling to pay its bills, investors will bail out of the stock market…

If you target the right moves, you could walk away wealthier than ever before.

I’m talking about the potential to turn a small retirement account of $10,000 into $293,900…

Using a trade opportunity most people don’t even know is possible.

Of course, you won’t hear any of this from the “fake news” mainstream media.

But the IMF, which is coordinating this entire thing, has even issued a memo.

If You’re Looking for Smoking-Gun Proof, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

The memo clearly states:

“Distributed Ledgers have recently emerged as a key technology supporting multiple applications. The potential exists to transform payments and securities settlement… by offering currency substitutes.”

Look, for years the global elites have been quietly laying the groundwork to replace the US dollar with their own globalist currency.

With this new infrastructure called Distributed Ledgers…

They finally have everything they need to EXECUTE their plan.

I realize most people have never heard of this new global banking system.

But thanks to my network, I’m privy to the details of this plan.

You see, over the last four decades I’ve built an extensive network of who’s who in the financial elite…

From former congressmen, like Ron Paul… to heads of central banks, like Ben Bernanke… to US Treasury officials… foreign ministers… all the way to the White House.


My Predictions on the Globalist
Currency Have Been Confirmed

Over the last couple of years I’ve been all over TV… from Fox News to CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg…

Telling Americans that the financial global elite was planning to issue their own globalist currency called SDRs.

And that they would use this new currency to REPLACE the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

These are not my own statements but a membership that has quoted things that are useful to know.


Islamberg, New York: The Muslim-Only Town Where Jihadis Learn Guerrilla Warfare Tactics

Published May 30, 2015 by battle4urhome

We are America! US government stand down or we’ll tear you down. You can’t hide from Americans, we are everywhere and can go anywhere. Here we have power to let you in or take you out, whether by outsmarting you or outgunning you, will be by your choice. We no longer will put up with Obama’s fascism  and are working on his ouster as you read this.  We don’t want civil war to take this country back, but what we do have will surprise the world. For too long our country has been sitting by while our Presidents keep going overseas to start more wars for power and oil. We Americans have nothing to do with taking over other countries and stand by waiting for another honest President to get in to clean up this mess. We had one named Kennedy, but our government did not like him throwing out the Federal Reserve banks.  But if you Muslims think for one minute that we will stand by and watch you take over our country you better check your health insurance. I hope you all know we have the finest pig farms in America and Americans love to find new ways to use the blood and guts for making life easier, and would do nicely in paint balls too with shards of glass to make your digestion easier. So just sayin we don’t mind helping you get your Jihad we just won’t let you have your 72 virgins.

An American not in distress, but in Charge!

I used to be such an outstanding citizen of America, A man from German descent but not a racist Nazi German. I am American and will stand by America with my life and will not conform to this new age Government that has turned into the worst enemy of America.  I am gathering immense information to legally take out oppressors of Humanity and the Government can’t stop an idea. I don’t need guns, bombs, swords, or any mass destruction device.  I am learning from my enemies and America’s enemies, that infiltrating the government is the easiest way to do it. That’s where I am putting my blockade inside the rabbit hole.  When this world sees how one man can take down a big corporation singlehandedly the rest will learn that the Government is not as secure as they think. I plan on taking on entities that were standing against Humanity and Lawyers will be obsolete by the time I’m done with them. Remember Laws are mans work for evil control, but the law of Moses is the Law of God, and who can go against God and win?. I am not religious at all, I do not conform to modern Church rules that are shaped by mans rules, and I won’t follow another man, but will lead fellow Humanity by God’s hand. I possess power not known to any man who follows another man.  I gain power others don’t look for, and reject powers that man can’t control. I am that of I am, a creation to be reckoned with and will be a worthy adversary against any who are against Humanity,  I am me, and you are you, and if we find each other on the road in the same direction that will be my destiny, and my Honour. And when I find myself up against the Devil himself, he better be ready for Hell because, I’ll be behind Jesus and his armies.

So America, are you ready for the battle, or are you going to be the chattel?  It can’t get any worse, as we are all enslaved to the government, looking for those free handouts and little free phones.  Not me, I’m living free, off the grid, off the radar, and out of this crazy house you call society. Yeah they may catch up with me, but I am not afraid to die, I have lived and let live.  I can do without, because I am used to it being taken away.  I don’t miss something I could never own, and never own anything I would miss.

May Peace be found wherever you travel.

The Muslim Issue


U101P200T1D296728F8DT20091230221948 Jihad Training For Muslims living in Islamberg

by Pat Dollard

Islamberg, located in rural upstate New York, is a 70 acre underground-bunkered paramilitary Islamic compound. Here within the compound lives a Muslim only community. The majority of these are black american born males, hardened criminals who converted to radical Islam whilst serving time in state prison. It is also the headquarters of Muslims of the Americas, the International Quranic Open University and the United Muslim Christian Forum. Islamberg is the best known among 35 such compounds, ranging in size from 25 to 300 acres, that already dot 22 states across America. Evidence suggests these Islamic compounds and the convicted criminals who live their are participating in jihad training and using crime to raise funds.

IslambergMany of the muslims living their are convicts who converted to Islam in New York State Prisons such as rikers island or sing sing

Islamberg and…

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Homosexuality Rampant in Saudi Arabia [Video Contains Sexually Explicit Content]

Published October 29, 2014 by battle4urhome

The Muslim Issue

In the heart of prophet Mohammed’s Islam, the seat of the most “authentic” Islamic teachings, homosexuality is rampant. Perhaps that is why it is rampant considering the prophet’s attraction to young boys and girls.

As long as the receiver is a “bottom” Muslims think its not homosexuality.

As you can see in the last video, filmed at a Saudi school, the “bottom” has to hide his face because he is the one who is homosexual, not his teenage lover. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.

This Saudi government study from a 2008 TV report mentions that 48% of Saudi University students had been engaged in gay sex while 23% of Saudi children have been sexually abused.The main perpetrators of rape of children were relatives (16%), siblings (5%), teachers (2%) and parents (1%) – in that order. No mention where the other shortfall came from.

But there are other…

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