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Hello world!

Published September 22, 2010 by battle4urhome

Hello to all my fans, I mean future fans, after you start reading my blogs. I have come across the biggest frauds in the history of banking, and I’m sure you will come away with enormous information that just may be your only way to beat the foreclosure you are in, or about to be in. You see, I’m in the same boat and have not found Lawyers that are trained in defenses against foreclosure, so I went online and started research over a year ago, and can’t keep up with all the bombshells that are going off. But the bright side is the lenders, agents, apraisel companys, RE agents, closers, banks, and any more that I have missed here, have underestimated their worst enemy, the homeowners who found out they can fight back these fools with their own tools of destruction. You’ll find many items that go against the law when used for evil reasons, and as such is just now comming back to bite them in the ass.