Homosexuality Rampant in Saudi Arabia [Video Contains Sexually Explicit Content]

Published October 29, 2014 by battle4urhome

The Muslim Issue

In the heart of prophet Mohammed’s Islam, the seat of the most “authentic” Islamic teachings, homosexuality is rampant. Perhaps that is why it is rampant considering the prophet’s attraction to young boys and girls.

As long as the receiver is a “bottom” Muslims think its not homosexuality.

As you can see in the last video, filmed at a Saudi school, the “bottom” has to hide his face because he is the one who is homosexual, not his teenage lover. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.

This Saudi government study from a 2008 TV report mentions that 48% of Saudi University students had been engaged in gay sex while 23% of Saudi children have been sexually abused.The main perpetrators of rape of children were relatives (16%), siblings (5%), teachers (2%) and parents (1%) – in that order. No mention where the other shortfall came from.

But there are other…

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One comment on “Homosexuality Rampant in Saudi Arabia [Video Contains Sexually Explicit Content]

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