Watching the storm


Looking forward: 2014

I will be inserting all new news items that as they take place will also be put in the spotlight for all to see. Most of the information here is not easy to find unless you know where to look. The mainstream press wont print this stuff, and the Government wont let you in on it, because they are holding the bag. The so-called programs the President has signed into action has no effect, because the lenders don’t have to adhere to the rules, or even want to help homeowners keep their homes, because  they get paid three times the amount of the loans when they sell your Note after you sign on the line. Then if you get a remodification they take all your past due amounts, and add all the fees and lawyers fees, late payments, and extra interest, and put it to the back of the loan using as much of your equity. Yeah they helped you catch up to your payments, but now you have a larger loan at maybe 33% more than before, and give you B.S. for several months to keep you quiet while they process your foreclosure that you wont know about until it’s too late. Do you really know all about the financial system they set up against the people. All the big corporations got your money in exchange for your signature, as there were no actual funds put up in your home, it is all just printing up money on paper only. There were no actual American Dollars given for your home, just your signature that backs a Note as a promise to pay the lender CASH, not in paper. If you go back to the beginning of your Home Purchase, you will find that the Deed was signed over in your name, by your signature that the lenders converted into CD’s, or some other vehicle of investment scam. You see someone paid your lender for the privilege to use your Note to back their investment, so they promise the investors maybe 33% of your lenders interest, and in return to buy in the investors pay your lender maybe 80% of your loan. Say if your Mortgage is $100,000 they pay $80,000 of your Note. Meanwhile they are collecting your payments every month. They can sell your Note several times, because they are using MERS systems as a strawman, so every time your Note is sold, it is put under another name like GMAC, then Citi Bank, then Nationstar, then back to MERS each time, and skipping the fees to pay to the States and county’s, to avoid taxes and such, because they only have one transfer through MERS. So they can take anyones home while using a MERS as the medium to defraud the government. But why would the Government let the lenders and investors get away with this? because the Financial system is set up this way, and the government backed the mortgages from default through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and such, and if the homeowners started using their system to break the banks, the government would pay the bill. Now take millions of foreclosures being in the courts and being fought, it would bankrupt the government. So the courts won’t let the homeowners win over the foreclosures, and the homeowners lose their homes. Now the so-called servicers are in charge of the mortgage to sell again, and receive the bailout from the government yet again, then turn around and sell the home yet again, and the cycle repeats. Now that you have the how they did it, you can fight it. Look for the loopholes that they used to defraud your Note.   This was written several years ago, and has not been read by anyone. Why? because they block my posts any way they can. I tell people about the truth of History when I was being taught by real teachers, not a bunch of 20 year olds who never had any experience with the real History.  Our children are being dumbed down, and parents are letting the government choose what to believe and ignore asking questions or questioning  authority. Why does our children not ask questions of life, or about saving or credit?  Because they have our children all brainwashed just like Hitler did to the Germans  children.  History is repeating itself yet again, but nobody knows this because they removed it from today’s History books, as far  as 1960 to the present.   As far as History goes, if we don’t examine History before 1960 we will never know the real truth of what is really going on in this generation.  This is 2014 and it has gone way beyond taking your home by force, they are taking them by false paperwork that some mortgage mill drew up and filed illegally in the court system.  Judges will never take the side of civillians above the corporate forgers, as they have invested their retirement in the bad MBS (mortgage backed securities) that their investment advisors told them to. Now they have bought the courts to accept fraud against the people of every country, to make the banks richer and the citizens who were pushed into the MBS theft without knowledge of the scam to take your identity when you sign the mortgage, so they can sell your signature 30 times over what you borrowed, until you die, and then some. Your promisary note is then sold to Wall Street for the cycle to begin, and you are even paying interest on money you signed for that was not even lent from anyone. It was all electronic wizardry that produced the invisable funds.  Your debt was turned into millions on the dollar for the banks. Did they share the profits with you since you supplied the signature to print more fiat money?  You received no money, you got no funds, but you did get a huge debt from nothing.  You don’t own anything, no matter how much you worked for it.  How can you get a home without money that does not have any value?  You can’t, but the banks can, and they make millions on just one hundred thousand dollar home.  All with your signature, no backing or collateral.  Just a key stroke and your broke.  Can we print money because of one signature?  No but the private banks can, all through the Federal Reserve who are not connected to the Government, but are foreign interests that stole your signature, all because you don’t know how the system works.  You have given permission to be enslaved, and your children, and their children have the debt, just from your signature.  Money is not backed by precious gems or gold or any thing of worth.  Money is backed by your social security number and you are now chattel of the Government. Every Birth certificate  is on the stock market, and has a barcode on each certificate.  You are no longer free, you are chattel for the banks all over the world.  Enrich your knowledge and read the Constitution from front to back.   Power to the people!

Looking forward: 2018

It is now March 2018, nothing has changed.  Now there is an influx of Toxic mortgage fraud. This is called Contract for Deed, land contract, rent to own, lease with option. All the same scam that is drawing in unsuspecting people who just want to own their own homes. How this works is very simple. Investors go into impoverished cities and towns with blighted areas, buy up all these homes on pennies on the dollar, put a little painton the walls and a little cleaning up, and they put them up for rent, and if they are not livable, they use Contracts for Deed. Here they promise you if you put down $1500 and say $400 to $600 a month for 15 or 30 years, and make your payments on time, you will own a home. But in reality, after they have your signature, you are to pay the taxes on their property, pay their Insurance on Their property for 15 to 30 years, and if you do just one thing they can hang on you to break the lease after 5 or 10 years. you have paid for a home you will never own. They do not file anything in the County records so your contract is just about useless. so her you are after say 10 years, you have paid $61500 for a home you lost to their scam. Now for the surprise, the amount the investor paid is from $900 to $8000 at tax sale, or other bulk sale revenue. Remember half of these houses are 80 to 100 years old and many have been condemned, and all the repairs and upgrades have to be made by the unsuspecting home buyer for a home that will cost way over $500,000 by the time the note is paid off if you are lucky enough to make it that far. These contracts are created to fail within the first 5 to 10 years, so they can do it all over again with another victim. And to top this off, the home may never be worth over $60,000 at the end of the term of contract. These are the same homes they stole back in 2008 during the Mortgage scandal of the Banks who made a killing, now they are killing US.


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